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Conventional Walking Beam Pumping Unit
introduction: The conventional walking beam pumping unit designed fully according to the API Monogram Product Specifications, has better complex balancing mode and is simple in structure, convenient to operate and maintain, reliable and durable. It is a comprehensively good pumping unit that is fit for different kinds of working conditions.....
Bending Walking Beam Pumping Unit
introduction:  Bend Walking Beam Pumping Unit is designed on the basis of the conventional Walking Beam Pumping Unit. Through changing the shape of the walking beam and shifting the balance position, it becomes a new energy saving type. With the inheritance from the conventional pumping unit it is reliable, simple in structure, easy to operate and maintain. ....

Double Horsehead Pumping Unit

introduction:Double Horsehead Pumping Unit is new practical model and listed as key products for promotion. It is suitable for producing high water content crude oil and crude oil of low viscosity. It can be adopted for thick oil production as well. By adopting the radius variation spherical walking beam back arm and flexible connection between walking beam and cross beam, this machine has longer stroke,lower moving load, less fluctuation of net torque, lower energy consumption and higher efficiency, ...

Bend Walking Beam Rebuilt Pumping Unit

introduction:Bend Walking Beam Rebuilt Pumping Unit is designed according to the structure of the Conventional Walking Beam Pumping Unit and energy saving theory of the Bend Walking Beam Pumping Unit. In the design, a set of energy saving devices is installed between the gap of the equalizer beam, pitman, reducer and Samson post. At the time of pumping oil, ....
Pumping Unit Gear Reducer  
introduction:Pumping Unit Gear Reducer is strictly in accordance with API standard. They are new type of gearbox for pumping units. This series product has three shafts, double degrade. Its outstanding advantages are heavy load bearing, work stability, seal reliable, long lifespan and easy to maintain etc...
Radar Liquidometer  
introduction:Operating Principle: transmit—reflect—receive is the basic operating principle of Radar Liquidometer.
Characteristics of Radar Liquidometer:
The biggest characteristic of Radar Liquidometer is that working effectively in mal-condition. No matter virulent medium or corrosive medium, no matter solid or liquid, or dusty medium, or pasty medium, it can be measured. In measurement, there are many features as follows...
introduction:1. High-accuracy survey. Linearity is 0.5% better than other tools; repeatability precision is 0.2% and measurement accuracy is ±1%.
2. Huge measurement range. Choosing different types of sensors, it can realize the measurement of pipe flow of DN15~DN600mm caliber.
3. High reliability. Adopting low voltage and multipulse transmission circuit, the measurement accuracy, service life and reliability are greatly improved. ...